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mini-militia-all-in-one-modMod type: All in one Mod
Downloads: 1,99,432
Version: 4.0.42
File size: 45.6MB 


mini-militia-ctf-modMod type: CTF Mod
Total Downloads: 1,25,942
Version: 4.0.42
File size: 46.17MB 


mini-militia-invisible-modMod type: Sniper Mod
Total Downloads: 1,16,942
Version: 4.0.36
File size: 46.17MB 


mini-militia-invisible-modMod type: All in one God Mod
Downloads: 1,99,432
Version: 4.0.42
File size: 45.6MB 


Mini Militia Unlimited Life Hack – All in One God Mod


Mini Militia God Mod and Mini Militia All in one Mod is popular mod or hack among all other mods having unlimited health, bullet, invisible avatar and also walk through walls  . The Mini Militia God Mod apk or Doodle Army 2 Hacked version is free and advanced feature apk. This mod will unlock all features. Which include Unlimited Nitro, ammo and many more. Today MiniMilitians are going to provide you the free apk with all features unlocked.

Why to use mod? The answer is simple, If you want to win and don’t want to lose. Go with this God Mod apk.

Mini Militia God Mod APK

All in one Mini militia god mod apk

Basically, a Mod is a modified version of the game where you can enjoy many features and unlimited resources from the game which are usually purchased using money or they are not available in the original game. In Mini Militia All in one mod APK, you can enjoy having unlimited health, guns, costumes,invisibility and more using different types of MODs. The Mini Militia MOD version is exactly like the original game or even better. You don’t need to purchase anything from store. It can provide you the already unlocked feature in Latest Mini Militia God Mod Apk.

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Mini Militia God Mod APK – All in one Version

Almost all peoples are aware about this game. But still if anyone doesn’t know. Let me clear some concepts about this game. Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia is 2D Multiplayer Game. Which allows you to play solo with bots and Multiplayer with your different friends. In this game people can seat anywhere and play it. Up to six different players can play simultaneously during online battles and up to 12 using WiFi.

The game play is really intuitive: the virtual stick that helps you move your character is on the left side of the screen and the aiming stick is on the right side. Your weapon shoots automatically as long as you pointing at your target. So, you only have to worry about aiming. You can find many types of bombs and guns in this game. Also there are many types of regions where you can play games with your friends. Guns includes Short gun, Sniper, AK 47 and many more. Bomb includes Simple Bomb, Gas Bomb and many more.

This game has some restrictions when you want more nitro to fly into air and also when you want unlimited ammo. More Customized avatar and many things where you have restricted by original game. If you are new to this game and peoples will lose you again and again. Guys, Don’t worry here we are providing you the god mod which has much more better and powerful than our normal Mini Militia Game.

Hope, you have understood what actually is mini militia game, Let’s talk about some of the great features of our Mini Militia God Mod apk!

Download Mini Militia All in one God Mod APK

mini-militia-invisible-modMod type: All in one God Mod
Downloads: 1,99,432
Version: 4.0.42
File size: 45.6MB 
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How to install Mini Militia Unlimited life All in one God Mod APK?

The Mini Militia God Mod is exclusively available for all users. The peoples who are using Android, iOS and PC, Can use God Mini Militia Mod.

Android Users:

So, we are sharing the full procedure to download and install “Mini Militia God Mod APK” on your Android device. You just need to follow these simple steps:

  1. First of all, Uninstall the existing mini militia app.
  2. Enable Unknown Sources (Setting->Security->Enable Unknown Sources).
  3. Download Mini Militia God Mod apk from link above and install it on your device.
  4. It will ask some permission and will take some times as per your device performance. Wait few seconds.
  5. Click Done, Open the Game. Enjoy 🙂

PC Users:


If you don’t have Android Smartphone but willing to play Doodle Army: Mini Militia Game on your PC. Then we are here to help you, Just follow some simple below steps:

  1. First you need an Android Emulator, So Download Bluestack from below link.
  2. Now Download our Mini militia God Mod apk.
  3. Install the apk by locating it in Bluestack.
  4. Now you can launch the app by just one single left click.
  5. Enjoy..Mini Militia God mod on your PC. 🙂


Download Mini militia God mod and Bluestack for PC



Features of Mini Militia All in One (God Mod Apk)

There are lot of Amazing Features. Here below i’ll discuss some of them. So don’t skip read it one by one to know everything about God Mod of Mini Militia.

  • No Reload:
    May be everyone is getting bored to reload your gun again and again even me too. This is the first feature of our Mini Militia God Mod apk. With this mod you don’t need to reload your gun again and again. Your weapon will be reloaded itself. No worry where you are playing solo, multiplayer, offline or online.
mini militia god mod feature
  • Unlimited Jet-pack(Nitro): 
    You are enjoying in flying into air. But automatically you falls down. Oh Shit!! and enemy will kill you. But in this mod you don’t need to worry about your nitro just go on flying. No any restriction to Jet pack, It’s Unlimited.


  • Unlimited Ammo and Grenade:
    You guys can use unlimited ammo and grenades i this mod. All types of unlimited  guns with ammo and all types of bombs. So you don’t need to install an separate apk to get this features.
  • No Gravity: 
    The gravity you might be face into Lunarcy Map. The effect of gravity becomes zero. Many of us can’t play in it. So no need to worry about gravity, It will helpful for Pro as well as New Players.
  • Choose any Avatar:
    Everyone has their own choice and lookup. Simple game doesn’t allow you to choose any avatar. But God mod will help you to customize and choose the avatar as per you choice.
  • Red Line for Targeting:
    There will be a red line which helps you to target opponents more efficiently. It helps you to make more clear shots and improves your shooting skills.

Advance Features:

  • Fly Though Walls:
    One of the amazing feature which you can’t get in any mod. It’s Fly through walls. Yep, you read correct, God mod will allows you to fly through walls which can be every wall. just go through it like nothing is there. There will be no restriction to move anywhere on the map. You can also hide in the walls to save the life.
  • 7X Zoom:
    You might listen that only Sniper Gun can gives you 7X zoom. Here, Mini Militia God Mod will help us to give 7X zoom for every gun. So you can see easily see from one side to another. If your shots are clear from longer distance then this feature is specially for you.
  • One Shot Kill:
    Only some of the guns can allow us to kill in one shot. In God mod, we can use any gun to kill anyone in just one shot. This feature will help Newbies to play quickly and score more than others.
  • Transparent Bushes:
    All the bushes on the map will be transparent for you. If any of your opponents are hiding behind the bush then you can clearly see them. Then just kill them in one shot or throw any grenade at them.
  • Unlock Everything:
    As it is the God Mode of Mini Militia. So it will unlock all the features of Pro Mini Militia Game. Which contains Rocket Launcher, Sniper Rifle, Dual Wield, Avatar Skins etc. will be unlocked for you.


So, That’s it guys! I hope you will like these MODs! Don’t forget to Share this Post with your friends to help them out to get the Unlimited Fun!! If you face any problem CONTACT US